Creative Activities

Ignite Imaginations hope you enjoy this series of free craft activities! Stay tuned for more craft videos and live digital workshops!

As a half term special we will be adding one video everyday! We are also going to have more free packs available for some of these videos so make sure you keep checking the freebies page!

We would love to see what you make so please email in photos of your creations to

Create your own Family Tree

Join along with Jordanna and create your own family tree painting. All you will need is a pencil, black paint, paper or card, coloured paper or old magazines, scissors and glue.

Match Box History Box

Follow along with artist Sian and make a beautiful Black Lives Matter History Box, while learning about the Mary Anne Rawson who was a local slavery abolitionist.

All you need is a match box, some glue, some scissors, scraps of cardboard and the free prints out which can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

Shadow Theatre

Join in with artist Jordanna who will show you how to create your own shadow theatre using things you find around your home. All you need is a box, lamp, grease proof paper, some black or dark card, sticks or straws, a glue stick and scissors and then colourful items to decorate your theatre with!

Cardboard Architecture

Join in with artist Angie creating 3D buildings you love out of cardboard. All you need is some scissors, glue and a cardboard box (from the recycling). Then if you want to decorate it after you can paint it or stick tissue paper on it. Don’t forget to send it photos of your wonderful creations!

Places we Love Decoupage candle holder workshop

Artist Jordanna will show you how to make images of the buildings in your community that you love into beautiful decoupage candle holders.

All you need is : A Jar, PVA glue, Water, Paint Brush, Black tissue paper or card, Coloured tissue paper and Scissors

Watch the video to learn how to make a decoupage candle holder.

Are you ready to make some CRAAAZZZY Creatures with Lois? All you need is a glove, some PVA glue and any creative bits and bobs you might have at home! Can’t wait to see what you all make!

Tired of being stuck in doors and the rain? Well lets go on an adventure and blast off into space with Liz! This video will show you how to make your own rocket!

Now we we have our monster catching machines, lets make some monsters with Jordanna! This how to and video will teach you how to make your own modelling clay and creations using ingredients you will have lying around at home!

Download the PDF here!

Turning The Page is all about stories, and we would love to hear yours, so why not make a story stone with Helen! All you will need to join in is a pebble from outside, permanent markers or felt tips, paint and brush, glue, scissors and images from newspapers or magazines. Enjoy and we can’t wait to see what you make!

In preparation for Halloween, we thought it was best to learn how to make some Monster Catching Machines!

Download the PDF here!

Make your own hot air balloon!

Download the PDF here!

Make your own safari bunting and mask!

Download the PDF here!

Want to go on a pirate adventure?

Download the PDF here!

Lets make a mountain collage!

Download the PDF here!

Make your own Travel Tombola game and start an imaginary journey around the world and create a game to play with your family!

Download the PDF here!

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