Upcoming Events

Keep checking in on this page for upcoming events.

Current Events

Page Hall Festival

Through an online showcase, the festival will invite residents of all backgrounds and generations of Page Hall to share their stories of belonging, community pride and unity. The programme will be broadcast across 26th & 27th March 2021 via the festival website so that the rest of the Sheffield region can experience a true reflection of the area as experienced by the people who live here.

Page Hall Smiles aims to bring together Roma and non-Roma to co-create a short film, images and a digital scrapbook exhibition that focuses on the experiences, identity and voices of the people from Page Hall told by the residents themselves.  Click here for more information. If you would like to add anything to the festival please email ab4928@coventry.ac.uk or by Mobile/WhatsApp: 07789040269

Past events

October Half Term – Streets of Light

Join in this October half term by decorating one of your windows with the words, love, hope, or light and leaving the lights on behind it every evening for the whole week.