Hall of Fame

A page dedicated to celebrating acts of kindness by local community members. These individuals have been nominated by you, the community, in a show of thanks for the positive contributions they have made to the local area.

Thank you to you all!

We want this page to keep growing with these stories so if you have someone you think that should be nominated email turningthepage.sheffield@gmail.com

Auntie Yasmine

Auntie Yasmine is known throughout Page Hall for her kindness she has shown to others and for helping them to gain help when they need it and they don’t know who else to turn to. She has lived in the area for 19 years for her health and to be closer to family and since moving here she has watched generations grow up around her and has become a loved and important member of the community. Auntie Yasmine says as long as people show respect to each other, no matter who they are, the respect will be given back to you. She is surrounded by loving neighbours who are always there to say hello and give a wave or go out of their way to help her around the garden. She describes her house like a bus station because her caring family always pop in as they walk past to make sure she is ok and always has everything she needs. She is so grateful for the people she has in her life and her favourite memories of the area are linked to the kindness and respect she has received from the community and for that she is forever grateful. She hopes that the community will continue to grow in this way and wants us all to be aware that we need to do so much more for the children of the area, starting at the Wesleyan Community Centre which needs to be once again used for the community.

Greentop Community Circus

Greentop Community Circus Centre have been exciting Brightside young people and old with circus for 25 years. Our weekly neighbourhood programme has most recently been focusing on growing a stilts troupe at the Family Centre,  and has previously been teaching aerial skills of trapeze and hoop, tumbling skills as well as juggling, diabolo and tightwire at our centre. To overcome the Covid restrictions we’ve been helping local schools run their own circus programmes – we’ve made special set of videos, lesson plans and lending them circus kit  to make their own circus. Our holiday programme are a place to join in too, and watch out for Healthy Holiday programmes for more live and online circus activity (including how to make your own circus kit). We have for plans coming up for our Family Circus – learning together with your family –  and our touring youth circus Troupe will be back at Firth Park Fun Day.

Usha Blackham

I have lived and worked locally for more than 12 years.  I used to be a parent at Owler Brook School and started working there as a creche worker and dinner lady from 2002. We had an amazing lady called Laila Wragg who was from a Palestine background she was the lady a legend to talk to she knew everyone and a lot of people.

After, I started working at Whiteways Primary School as a school community link and extended services coordinator. In that time, I with a range of partners, identified and developed projects and activities that engaged families and individuals, developed confidence and holistic well-being, enable progression through levels of learning and strengthen and broaden participation and community cohesion. I also applied for Burngreave and Firvale area coordinators role where I not only helped deliver adult learning in the community I also helped raise money for the organisation and project for locals to participate.

I was one of the first to trial mixed classes in school for adults, inviting fathers and other men to participate in a largely female learning environment. I also developed particular strands of work in pre-employability and health that have been shared across the family of schools and has been instrumental in developing our ‘offer’ across the whole of Burngreave & Fir Vale.

I regularly undertake and update my own training, so I am able to support and facilitate the training others may need. I have led training to support mothers in to play leaders and volunteer roles. I am big on motivation and over the years I organised family trips to the seaside and other educational places to help families learn what we have in our own country. Some families had never seen a beach so it was quite rewarding knowing we were able to make those days out feasible. I also help with community litter picks to help the area to be kept clean. Now I am working for SYHA it’s an employability role. My role is to help and support those who have health condition which stops them from getting into work and more.

Ahmed Assabwala

Ahmed Assabwala has worked as a volunteer for ACT and Hadfield institute delivering food parcels to the most vulnerable in our Page Hall community. He has a natural compassion and empathy and an ability to connect with people in our communities. Not only does he passionately care about meeting the needs of each client in need during the pandemic but he also takes time to identify many other needs and build trusting, long-lasting relationships with them. The last two years Ahmed’s wife has gone through an intense course of radiotherapy and he was deeply concerned about his wife, who was suffering with cancer. Despite his distress he still finds the time to help others cope in these difficult times. By taking the time to engage with individual clients and give compassionate care, Ahmed symbolises the very ethos of what our organisations stand for. He alone has delivered by using his own transport hundreds of food parcels.

Helen Hall

Helen has been nominated due to the constant support she offers to others in the community. Helen has lived in and around the area for 32 years and loves the area for the friendly and diverse people who live here ‘Everything you need is here: good schools, parks, transport, lots of support, and we have a close-knit community with caring neighbours. You can’t walk down the street without knowing someone’s face and stopping to say hello and have a chat’.

Helen has always been active in the Firth Park/Shiregreen area. Setting up a pre school in Shiregreen and running a toddler group on the Flower Estate for over 10 years. Helen was a childminder for 14 years and during this time litter picked with the children. She learnt about the Firth Park litter picking group, who she still volunteers with today. Through them she learnt about other groups in the area and soon became involved with Firth Park Forum. As COVID-19 hit, Helen saw that lots of people needed help, especially before statutory agencies got on board properly, and started checking the mutual aid groups, to see if she could do anything to help out local members of her community. For example, by picking up groceries for her neighbours and delivering food to those in  need. She has also been a source of support chatting to elderly neighbours over the phone. If Helen sees a plea for help and she can volunteer her time or resources she will do. For example she has helped the DEWA project (who help asylum seeking women)with requests for clothing, asking her family and friends to help. During the summer she helped pack hampers for the Healthy Holidays scheme and on the run up to Christmas she helped pack hampers, for  ADIRA (who help BAME people  in need) and her local cafe Henry’s who made up hampers for 30 local families and 20 isolated elderly people. She truly is an inspiration.

Ash Novak and Pete Conn

It all started when me and Ash found out that the grottos where we take our kids to was closed due to Covid-19, so we said jokingly let’s kit out the van and drive round. And so it all began. We created a Facebook page and within 5 days we had over 1000 members. Then people started asking if they could donate. We managed to raise enough money with the donations and little mini fund raisers like raffles to purchase around 3000 selection boxes. We donated to the bluebell wood hospice, woman’s refuge and food banks. Sheffield Council helped us out with funding. Also helped us find 2 families who are struggling and we paid for their Christmas Dinner and presents for the kids. We also found another local family and did the same. We managed to deliver over 2500 presents over the Saturday and Sunday, 19th and 20th. It was fantastic seeing the community come together. We set rules to comply with covid restrictions and everyone listened. We raised just over £500 for children’s hospital over the weekend.

Our team was. Pete as Santa. Ash as an elf. Gavin as an elf. Our kids as helpers. My wife Zara and Ash’s partner Zoe. Zoe’s mum was on wrapping duties with us.

Paul Howard

Paul originally moved to the area in 1969 for his undergraduate degree and lived on Page Hall Road. Paul later started working at what was Earl Marshall School, now Fir Vale School, in 1985/6 as a European languages teacher and eventually went on to become head of department. Through this he started to fight for the area and challenge negative views that had been created about the community here. He wanted to help fight for this part of the city and for the bright kids which lived her. He helped to motivate them to help them thrive and develop their skills. Paul went beyond just working with the kids and got the parents involved as well and encouraged them to be proud of their community and their culture and find activities which would bring people together such as litter picking or researching family history – ‘We even managed to produce a book using the research the kids did on the history of their families, something they could be proud of’.

Alongside teaching Paul is also the Chair of the SOAR board and volunteered here, before it was even called SOAR. With them Paul has helped to promote a huge range of activities, networks, opportunities and support for the community.

Paul every year also joins in on the Banger Rally Challenge to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice and 4 years ago this took him to Prague which then allowed him to nip across the border to Slovakia to visit some of the villages local families were from and see where the families, he had got to know so well through his work, had grown up.

Paul has always applied the thought of ‘What can I do? What can I bring that can help?’ to his work and has always found the people he worked with warm, hospitable and responsive. ‘Even now after stepping down as deputy head from Herries School in 2010, I’ll still get a – Hello Mr. Howard, how you doing?- when walking about the area, makes me so happy brings a tear to my eye.’


Chris has been nominated as he is a litter picking hero. He lives in Page Hall and you will see him out all the time with his brush, shovel, litter picker and bag cleaning up the Wensley area, Hinde Woods and Wincobank and all off his own accord. He says it’s a part of his daily exercise!

Christian Vernon

A year ago Christian took the time to set up a local boy’s football team with the aim of giving local kids an opportunity to socialise, engage in a sport and participate in a team game. Christian’s goal is to eventually set up a local league which would allow children from disadvantaged backgrounds to play matches against each other and get to know each other. He paid for the training kits out of his own pocket and soon had a group of 12 local boys coming to the pitch at Whiteways Primary School every Saturday morning. While Covid has currently stopped practice, the kids are eager to get back to it and Christian wants to eventually set up a series of groups for different ages. Christian, who has a level 2 coaching badge from the FA, has worked in several local schools over the last 6 years and has been at Step Out for the past year. He has always wanted to use his skills to help the local children in the community. While Covid-19 may have paused practise at the moment, stay tuned for it starting up again once it is safe to do so!

Valerie Hanson The Lollipopper

”Also known as a lollipop lady the “school crossing patrol officer”, God Bless her saved many life’s for over 30 years stationed on Rushby Street, Owler Lane used to keep the stick in my back garden so I’d see her most of the time great person amazing character especially with the kids & is one of the unsung heroes of the school run.”

The Team at Page Hall-Earl Marshall/ Osgathorpe Youth Clubs

The wonderful teams from these Youths clubs have been nominated for all their wonderful work they do with the local community:


Has worked as a youth worker for 31 years. He has worked with the local young people and the community through the delivery of centre based, outreach and detached youth work. Some of his favourite things he has done over the years are all of the trips and residentials he got to experience and the educational and environmental activities.


Has worked as a youth worker for
8 years. Her favourite thing about
working in page hall is the amazing young people, the super competitive table tennis competitions at the youth centre, the holiday trips over the years, running basketball sessions, playing cards and the Friday
night discos.


Has worked as a youth worker for over 25 years. Some of his favourite things he has done with young people are building a table tennis table, running a reading class on a Saturday with young Roma children in the community, running boxing sessions and all of the trips with the kids over the


Has worked as a youth worker for over 25 years. He has worked with the local
community through the delivery of centre
based, outreach and detached youth work. Some of his favourite activities he has done with the local community are the trips to the seaside, the centre based sessions and seeing a positive impact on young peoples self esteem.


Has worked as a youth worker for over 25 years. He has worked with the local community through centre based and detached sessions. His favourite thing about working with the young people is beating
everybody at table tennis, playing cards and going on holiday activities.

Youth Work Sessions Earl Marshall Youth club Sessions

Prior to Covid-19 would normally run Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6-8 pm. Osgathorpe Youth Club Sessions run on a Monday evening 6-8pm.

Currently all youth workers are providing detached sessions in the Page Hall area on Monday, Tuesday ,Wednesday and Friday evenings between 6-8pm. So keep a look out for our youth workers and come say hi!!

Firth Park Litter Pickers

This local volunteer group, which has been working hard in the area for a few years now, has been nominated for the amazing work that they carry out cleaning up the local streets, woods and park, come rain or shine! Why not look their group up on Facebook and see when you can help out too? The group holds monthly litter picks

We want this page to continue to grow with wonderful stories of the amazing people in your community, so if you think someone deserves a nomination fill in below!