Mind Your Manors

While there weren’t many building during the 1800’s in Grimesthorpe and Page Hall, there were a few rural manors (which are large countryside homes) which had been built, such as Hinde House. Hinde House was built where Hinde House Crescent is today and the Hinde Common Woods used to be land belonging to Hinde House.

Goddard Hall

Goddard Hall, which still exists in the grounds of Northern General was also built during the 1800’s. In front of this house you can still see one of the original pear trees which used to feed the family that lived here – why not go and help yourself to a couple of pears?

Cannon Hall, which had its own cottages next to it, was located south of Goddard Hall and was only recently demolished. This was built where the TESCO express on Barnsley Road is now. Further south of this was a series of farm houses including Spring Wood House built where Wood Spring Court is now located, Little Wincobank Farm was built where Beacon Croft is now and Wincobank Hall was located where Daisy Grove is.

Cannon Hall, as a pub before it was demolished.